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There are troubled times in our lives and to overcome such times we need to be physically, mentally and spiritually at our best.

The Rhythms of Life with its long and deep relationships in holistic health systems and relationships with Yoga and spiritual guides has brought all of it together on a technology platform. This platform defeats social distancing with all the elements needed for a relationship at one place.

We have collected the best practitioners/guides from many aspects of wellness like Yoga, Ayurveda and Priests. They are experts in their fields but even more importantly are caring, kind souls who want to help you achieve your personal goals.

Many sites offer you group Yoga sessions or live streams on IG, FB or You Tube. They all have their place but individual, personal, private sessions allow you to go deeper with the expert, share openly and achieve much higher quality results.

Very few sites know Ayurveda but we offer you telephone or email consultations with Ayurvedic Doctors. Our Ayurvedic doctors do a 1 hour long one to one video session with you and understand you and your medical history before they diagnose and start treatment. Ongoing treatments are also done with Video, email and phone, all based on your preference.

The Divine and Spiritual
Today’s wellness journey cannot ignore the divine. We have a selection of priests who many people from India ask them to do specific prayers for their goals. You may appeal to the God for serenity or ask for removing dark clouds in your life or to make the journey of finding a mate or a job successful. These prayers are rooted in thousands of years of knowledge and once these prayers are being performed

specifically for you, you will be able to connect on video and watch and participate.

Experience the peace of mind by consulting online with our wellness guides, at your convenience and on your own pace.

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