Little Jimmy
Pre-Roll Cone


Little Jimmy Pre-Roll Cone (Pack of 26 Cones)

Handmade, pre-rolled natural leaf that allows you to enjoy a slow and even burning smoke.


  • With a corn husk filter and organic Tendu leaves, this product is 100% biodegradable. Good for you, good for the environment
  • Free of chemicals, tobacco, and nicotine
  • Our cones are made using best-in-class dried leaf
  • For maximum satisfaction, we include a packing stick made of natural wood with each pre-roll leaf, so you can fill the cone avoiding air gaps. This ensures an evenly burning and a smooth smoke
  • 100% hand made. We only use skilled hands from start to finish, never machines
  • Our team inspects every piece to ensure the highest quality


Perfect blend between tradition and modern
  • Our Tendu leaves come from a special forest in Asia. The scientific name is Diospyros Melanoxylon
  • We honor the tradition of the forest inhabitants who have collected, rolled, and smoke the leaves for centuries
  • We stand behind the sustainability of our process. We don’t use fertilizers or chemicals, and we never cut down the trees
  • We guarantee the freshness of our product. Always Jet-Fresh! We use air couriers to ship our products, so we maintain the high quality that you expect

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