Lord Tycoon

Reaching new heights!
Our deluxe Lord Tycoon is a skillfully made pre-roll, in hand-pummeled 24K gold, to open your possibilities to new horizons. This slow-burning and edible wrap has a distinctive natural flavor and it’s the perfect companion to the equally natural Tendu leaf used in our pre-rolls, a hand-picked Asian leaf from untouched forests. The corn husk filter is biodegradable and doesn’t add flavor to your smoke. All organic, no chemicals, no toxics… Pure bliss!

A high-end extra that makes the perfect gift for those who have it all, a treat to be enjoyed on special occasions, or just a beautiful piece to share with your friends. This tastefully designed 24K gold pre-roll looks super classy in your hands, and it would make you stand out from the crowd, taking your cannabis experience to new dimensions.


Our signature item adds finesse and smooth flow to your smoke; our Lord Tycoon gives your herb a superior added value and an extraordinary experience. We see a golden future for you and there will be no turning back. The 24k Gold Lord Tycoon is edible luxury at your fingertips!

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