Silver Kiss
Silver Kiss
Silver Kiss
Silver Kiss edible pre-roll

Silver Kiss

Like no other pre-roll, Silver Kiss takes you to a new level of wellness and sophistication. You will enjoy every bit of your favorite legal herb thanks to the superior quality of our Tendu leaves. This leaf comes from the forests in Asia, and we make sure there are no chemicals, fertilizers, pesticides, or nicotine. On top of that, the filter is 100% biodegradable, and made of corn husk. A perfect natural filter that doesn’t spoil the taste and is earth-friendly.
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The Silver Kiss edible pre-roll is wrapped in hand-pummeled, 99.99% real silver. Talk about elegance! And to add to the benefits, many ancient cultures have used silver as part of their diet with great benefits. Not only you are enjoying a fully organic and natural product but also you are doing so in style.

You can choose a wrap that adds to your smoke nasty toxics, or you can choose an edible silver wrap that adds wellness and refinement to your experience. Your call! The Silver Kiss is expertly handcrafted to guarantee a smooth, slow burning smoking pleasure.

Make heads turn with envy, go ahead… Have a good smoke, look great, and feel like a million dollars!

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