Silver Loader

Sterling Silver Loader 3

Sterling Silver Loader

Function and luxury Our 100% of pure sterling silver loader is the must-have accessory for your smoking pleasure. The cone-shape loader, and accessories that come with it, allows you to use all your herb without any waste and in a tasteful manner.

A quintessential objet d’art for all your senses delight, this exquisite piece is handmade with the utmost care to bring the level of refinement you deserve. The package is equally elegant, made in high-quality leather and attention to detail for a final product that is both striking and functional.


Using the Loader

  • Take the loader in one hand and the scoop card with the other
  • Use the scoop card to gather your herb, once gathered, place it onto the wide base of the loader
  • Sleeve the pre-roll cone onto de nail tip of the loader
  • Start funneling the herb into the cone
  • Tilt your loader to control the amount of herb that falls into the cone so you can evenly distribute it
  • Using the Silver Stick in the package, push the herb in the loader to direct it to the cone
  • With the Stick, push gently to make sure there are no air gaps

Designed to pair our natural leaf pre-roll cones. However, this product is compatible with most cone sizes

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