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The Rhythms of Life brings you a Sterling Silver Loader! A handmade product true to its name,. It is an efficient loader made of 100% pure real sterling silver. The craftsman uses the same tools his great great ancestors used to shape the silver with brawn and eye for beauty.

Can you hear the pummeling , feel the vibration!

So no more junky plastic stuff which leeches into your stuff hence into your body and most importantly No Style!!:)

Rs. 250


And as beautiful as it is, it is the most functional piece in your collection of smoking paraphernalia. No more struggling with getting the herb into the cone and spilling it around. Plus a pure sterling silver packing stick to gently get a well made cone with no air gaps. But be gentle, don’t pack it too tightly.

There are many ways to pack a cone and many of things you need to do that are free and lying around on your table.

But when you pull out this sterling silver loader your friends know you are the cool operator with high taste. Suddenly smoking your ordinary cone becomes an experience and you are the catalyst of that joy.
And if you really want to take this experience to the max fill your Little Jimmy organic cone with it.

So don’t just measure things with money Joy, beauty and beautiful objects spread beautiful vibes to you and others around you.

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Just tried one of these little turbos with my morning coffee. It starts off rather mild, but the spices kick in about a third of the way through.

Nikit Holkar

Musician & Wrapper

This is very good indeed. Burns just right, very well constructed. Very aromatic. Flavour good without bitterness...Don't miss it! Rare to find.

Vijay Prakash

Producer & Actor From Bollywood

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